Online Math Tutor Lessons for British Columbia

If you ask any student what their least favourite subject is, chances are, they’ll answer with math. Math is notoriously difficult for many students to understand, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. At MECS Mind Tutor, we offer online math tutor lessons to help you student build confidence with math.

If you think that your children – or yourself – could use the help of an online math tutor, contact us today. Our online classes are available to everyone in British Columbia and the surrounding areas.

Our Math Lessons

Our qualified and experienced tutors offer a range of different lessons for you and your student to enjoy, ranging from the basics to more advanced knowledge. Our subjects including:

  • Basic mathematics
  • Principles and foundations of math
  • Algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and probabilities
  • Advanced functions and college mathematics
  • Mental math strategies
  • Financial literacy

We know that math can be helpful outside of the classroom; that’s why we offer financial literacy classes, to help your student gain confidence with money. No matter what level you or your child is at, our online math tutor lessons can help you understand math and build your confidence.

Our Tutoring Methods

We believe that tutoring should be inexpensive and effective for everyone. That’s why we offer affordable prices through our online medium. We also always do one-on-one lessons, so our customers get the personalized attention they need. We’ll tailor our math programs to customize your learning experience so that you get help with the specific math challenges that you or your child faces.

Plus, for every student who subscribes with us, we’ll donate a bag of school supplies to a child in need. We want learning to be fun and accessible to all, and we do our part to make that a reality.

If you need math tutoring, contact our highly qualified and skilled tutors today at 1(778)668-2141.